Google Project GlassWith its Project Glass, Google is going to change search habits in the future. Search will be everywhere and every time. Search will be part of an augmented reality where entities like persons or things will be semantically connected by an all-knowing search engine and social network. Does this sound like Science-Fiction? Maybe this is nearer than many may think. And the challenges for SEOs will be at least as huge as the changes in search habits.

This summer in June, Google gave notice of the “Explorer Edition” of Project Glass. It was made available to developers and attendees of its I/O developer conference in San Francisco. Although there are some problems left like the relatively short charge cycles of the glasses’ batteries, the progress that has been made cannot be neglected. It won’t take long until more and more users will wear glasses though they do not suffer from myopia or hyperopia – just in order to augment their reality by googles search results and other content. Connected with these innovations there will be facial and product recognition, image-to-term searches and vice versa.

What does all this mean in relation to SEO?

As search habits change, the methods to be found in search must change, too. It won’t be enough any longer to have a good keyword density or the right amount of H1 headings in order to be found in an augmented reality. Even a good backlink profile won’t be sufficient. Cross linking and integration will be crucial as contacts from Google+ and search results wil be more and more dependent on each other. In order to keep pace with this development, an SEO needs to be competent in social media as well as in search engine technology. SEOs need a deep understanding of the devices and technologies that are up to come as the devices will be more and more complex. Maybe an SEO’s job title in the future rather will be SEO Engineer.

What are your expectations concerning the future changes in the world of search and SEO? Write a comment.

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