241543903 - Head in Fridge241543903 – this figure might mean nothing to most people out there. But for some members of the web community 241543903 stands for „Heads in freezers“. In addition to funny pictures the number also represents interesting traffic deviations on my website. In constant intervals the traffic coming from organic searches for the search term 241543903 multiplies and decreases after two or three days. But what is the reason for this? An attempt to analyse.

WeihnachtenWhat an eventful year. So many things have happened and meanwhile many of you will have been watching some kind of retrospective on TV or the web. The world didn't perish but there are lots of things to do to prevent this from happening.

Social NetworksWe, the webmasters and bloggers, want to be present in the internet and especially in the Social Media. We want our work that takes many hours from our valuable lifetime to be appreciated by the community out there. But there is one little problem: In an infinite number of possible channels where should I focus on to receive the maximum response for a moderate size of effort?

Future SEO-Factors - ThumbnailUntil today the world of SEO success factors has been quite straightforward: On the one hand there is onsite optimization that concerns everything that can be done directly on a website and on the other hand you can see the offsite optimization that refers to building and fostering lots of good links. But this simple view is no longer appropriate: brands are becoming more and more important, social media are on their way and the Author Rank is showing its presence at many places.

SEOs’ sphere of activity has therefore broadened and changed. What factors will be important in the future and how do they depend on each other? I have created an infographic to visualize this.

Google Project GlassWith its Project Glass, Google is going to change search habits in the future. Search will be everywhere and every time. Search will be part of an augmented reality where entities like persons or things will be semantically connected by an all-knowing search engine and social network. Does this sound like Science-Fiction? Maybe this is nearer than many may think. And the challenges for SEOs will be at least as huge as the changes in search habits.

As a further step towards Social SERPs Google introduces the new "+1" button. It is a commitment to social factors in search. In the future Google will display a little button labeled "+1" next to search hits. By clicking this button users can show Google that they "like" a certain search hit. In its official blog Google tells that the clicks on the button will influence the order in which the search hits are displayed. The button will be shown next to both organic and sponsored search hits. Search hits that have been "+1d" by users that Google knows as your friends will be ranked higher, but also clicks by other users that you do not know will have an effect.

After existing for almost one year it is time for SEO Suedwest to introduce a new service. Because most of the relevant information concerning SEO can be found in English language and most of the readers understand rather English than German, I have created a new English SEO blog.






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